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tv   The Live Desk  FOX News  November 11, 2009 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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where we expect the latest information on the investigation into nidal malik hasan. martha: he is the army major accused of opening fire on fellow troops, killing 13 and wounding others. we are learning new and disturbing details about his past, federal agencies are pointing fingers at each other, trying to figure out why no one raised a red flag over his alleged contacts with a radical imam in yemen who wanted to kill u.s. troops in iraq. a manhunt is now under way for that man. we have an image of him here. this is how he was seen eight months ago. authorities are trying to determine whether or not he has ties to al qaeda. chris has the latest from fort hood. what are you hearing? >> katherine has been able to confirm a lot of information.
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i know that she will be with you soon to talk about that more in depth, but behind me you can see that the press conference has not started yet. as far as the investigation goes, we know that the fbi actually visited a mosque here yesterday. i am told that the agents never went inside, but that they sifted through the garbage and concentrated their search on a dumpster out back. their attorney -- the attorney for nidal malik hasan said that his passing and leave privileges have been revoked from the army, not a huge surprise given the scrutiny being paid. he says that it holds no bearing in terms of what his client can and cannot do right now because he is still in intensive care. i am also told by that same attorney that he is concerned that his client will not get a fair trial at fort hood. listen. >> one of the major concerns
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that i have, i say that only because of the assemblage of so many senior officials, including the commander in chief, the president, here at fort hood. that will be a factor amongst others that will have to be examined. >> that same attorney said he was able to meet with nidal malik hasan for about 30 minutes, that nidal malik hasan was heavily sedated but understood why he was there. the lawyer was hired by the family of nidal malik hasan. jane: any update on the conditions of the victims? >> 29 people were wounded in this terrific attack. we know that 15 are still hospitalized. three of them are still in intensive care. jane: thank you, chris. we will continue to start -- continue to follow this story.
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trace: we will continue to watch this thing coming out of fort hood. any news that we get we will bring to you live. that entire news conference will be streaming live on to the war in afghanistan, president obama will hold his eighth and possibly final meeting to discuss strategy options for afghanistan. four options for additional troops being deployed, the most expansive plan calls for a surge of 49,000 troops. let's get live to caroline in the white house. when do we get a decision on this them up >> expected decision today coming out of that meeting, and do not expect one until after he comes back from his trip to asia. it could even go into december. each option has a different number of troops, but they all increase the level of personnel
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on the ground in afghanistan. each has different goals depending on the number of troops. trace: the big question is how many troops. are we zeroing in on a specific level? >> the white house is adamant that no decisions have been made, but the pentagon crew has been told that the president seems to be focusing on at least 30,000 more. 40,000 was the request from general stanley mcchrystal. those numbers will be the focus. some of them would be fighters, some of them would be trainers trying to train the afghan army. jon: -- trace: president obama honored veterans today. what did he do, caroline? >> he helped to lay out the wreath at the arlington national cemetery, and he also gave a speech. after the speech it was interesting, he went to the section where fallen members of
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the military from iraq and afghanistan are buried. see those people he is shaking hands with? those of the people that happened to be visiting members of their family and friends that lost their lives in iraq and afghanistan. if you look closely on some of the tombstones you can see how new these graves are. young men and women that died in 2006, even 2009. trace: caroline, thank you. martha: the master 9 declined a 2002 d.c. sniper attacks has been put to death. relatives of his victims were in attendance for the execution. some said they would have liked to hear him voice some form of remorse, but he said nothing once the guards let him into the death chamber. he sent a final letter to his own relatives. today a lawyer for the family
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said they would not disclose what the letter said because they said it would be inappropriate. as you remember, for three weeks he and his teenage accomplice killed these 10 people and wounded three others fell all while taunting the police with a written messages and threats and demands. trace: in a high of the police are suspending the search for more victims of an alleged serial killer. investigators are scouring the property next door to the suspect's house. the 50-year-old convicted rapist has been charged with five counts of aggregated -- aggravated murder. the victims were all black women, all strangled. he is suspected of luring them into his home before attacking. authorities say they will be using thermal imaging to search the home next door.
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martha: that is unbelievable video. next time that you see one of those falling rocks signs, remember this. a massive rock slide in southern tennessee, the wet weather caused tons and tons of solid rock come crashing down into the road. highway 64 close in both directions. cleanup crews are on the scene, i imagine it will take quite some time to clean it up. trace: the warning signs leading up to the fort hood shooting. were they missed? ignored? you know that the accused gunman had been in contact with that this man, a radical cleric calling for the murder of american soldiers. now there are reports that the
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imam may just have been the tip of the iceberg. that is next. quality and reliability...
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sandra day o'connor has died from complications of alzheimer's. when she announced her retirement from the high court in 2005 she cited the need to care for her husband. in the bottom, more trouble on the san francisco bay bridge, where a construction crane fell today. martha: the latest news conference is being waited on, but we will begin to dig in to the fort hood investigation. lots of finger-pointing continues to emerge over what exactly the fbi knew and what they told the army regarding nidal malik hasan and his connection to a radical . the "studio b -- imam was last
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seen in yemen. here is what we know so far. u.s. officials say that nidal malik hasan acted alone and will be tried by the military. we know that he communicated with his radical cleric 10 to 20 times over the last months of the year. finally, it was decided that nidal malik hasan was not a security threat at the time. mike baker is a former covert operations officer, also the co- president of a securities firm. welcome to both of you. you are the perfect people to discuss this today with us. mike, let me talk to you about a first. we know all about the joint terrorist task force created after 9/11. there was so much criticism that these agencies were not talking to each other.
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now we know that the members from talking to each other but not with agencies outside and that there were questions about nidal malik hasan that may not have gotten to where they should of gone? >> right. there is a lot there to cover. first of all, i think that i know this will sound simplistic, but the investigation is still ongoing, and a lot of this is going to be speculation at best. there are a couple of truisms about counter-terrorism. in a broad sense, this is an act of terror. the find in a narrow sense, it is an organized group, so it does not fit that definition, but counter-terrorism, it is not a zero sum game. you never reduce the risk to zero. for every incident that occurs, there tends to be a lot of finger pointing to find out where the blame is. the investigation as it is going
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on would seem to indicate that the bureau -- why was he on the screen? the imam, who has been on our screen for years, was being monitored overseas. the communications that occurred between nidal malik hasan and the imam meant they started watching. the fact that we were watching and we picked up the communications with someone in the u.s., it's because the discussions we have been having about traffic monitoring of inside of the u.s.. martha: bill, mike did a good job of setting this up, but when it turns out that the person that the imam is communicating with, and the best theater says that nothing but rose to a level of investigation, he said there
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was spiritual discussions going on. just the fact that this person was in the military, does that not create an immediate red flag? >> it does make your antenna go up a little bit. picture the joint terrorism task force as a conglomerate of law enforcement, local, federal, military agencies. you cannot conduct a preliminary investigation on anyone because you think that something has happened. there has to be more. this information comes in linking these two. so, it goes to the joint terrorism task force. the individuals and allies that information. there is a protocol.
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jane: let me jump in, if i may. i bet a lot of viewers are frustrated with your protocol. the fact remains that this person gave a presentation about suicide bombings. add that to the fact that he has been communicating with an imam. when you put those facts together, does it not at least justified calling this person out of the running as someone headed to afghanistan? or a possible deeper investigation and removal of this person to discuss all of these things? >> probably so. that might have been what should have happened if this information had been passed on. it was not, the analysis was made by an individual the does not have to go further you another, should there been. the other thing to be concerned
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about is the fact that all of the information that we know today might not be all of the information out there to be known at this time. jane: mike, there is every indication out there. what do you think about that? >> once you start to peel away the layers of the onion you will be looking at any association that has. the concern is that the group may have been actively trying to nidal malik hasan. bill is right to talk about the protocol. one of the frustrating parts of this that you pointed to is that everyone looks at it on monday morning and says wait, we have these connections. well, the bureau operates within certain parameters that are put in place to protect civil
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liberties. over the years there has been in discussions ufa on being trip -- being careful over the trade-off between freedom and civil liberties fu. according to the restrictions that they have -- jane: -- martha: you could raise a red flag, however, asking to reconsider whether this person should be reassigned or if they should even be on a military base. you can implement a shot down time, at the very least. >> and lot of discussions were going on, but at the same time the point is that there are very specific restrictions put in place as to what you can do and cannot do regarding u.s. citizens. then there is the separate issue, because he is muslim american people are treading very carefully. martha: good to have you with us.
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thank you, gentlemen. we are about to hear more of that press conference in moments. trace: in the meantime, they come from all across america, far from home now, 130,000 men and americans -- men and women serving in iraq. coming up, a look of the bravest. the soldiers will tell you their story in three minutes. one airline is in the middle of damage control. one man in the cockpit was told that he was too high a fly.
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trace: afghanistan has been getting most of america's attention lately as the president decides on sending reinforcements. there are still 130,000 american men and women serving in iraq. as of yesterday 4362 united states troops have been killed in operation iraqi freedom. 16,000 single mothers were serving in iraq and afghanistan at the end of 2006. the average age of u.s. troops in iraq is 26. accordingly that was also the average age for u.s. casualties. molly is live at a u.s. military base in eastern baghdad. >> i am not far from soder city,
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this is one of the few places you will still find american troops inside of the city after the 30th. they are still getting used to their new advisory non-combat role. >> today's mission for charlie company is providing protection for a civil affairs team working with local businesses. the soldiers will mussy gunfire, it is not even a regular patrol. >> it is more of being a security element. >> iraqi army is in charge of basic security. charlie company spends more time on the base. they are down from two missions for day to one. their lives are in real danger -- not in real danger as much. the soldiers battled boredom with video games and workouts.
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>> off when you are working you wish that you had more time. either way you will find yourself frustrated no matter what. >> six months ago they spent all of their time patrolling, eating, or sleeping. it is a much slower pace. >> we need to get involved and talk with those guys. trace: looks like we just lost the feed. we will get back to her if we can get the signal back. we are also monitoring the news conference coming out of fort hood. we will bring you any breaking information live. martha: 1 united airlines pilot is grounded, accused of having one too many for the road. a co-worker suspected that erwin washington might be drunk. that person called the pilot out
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of the cockpit before takeoff. washington later failed a breathalyzer test and is now facing charges. the spokesman for united airlines says that he will be released on bail. they drew some attention right to it. trace: so many stories about pilots lately, it's insane. what happens if a disease starts to fight you back? how are american scientist trying to stay ahead of the h1n1 virus? it could almost -- it could mutate.
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>> we want to tell everyone back home -- have a veteran's day. >> we miss you and love you and will be home soon. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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trace: we have a brand new information on three big stories. somali pirates are at it again, this time hijacking a cargo ship and a fishing vessel. >> those pirates are very busy
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on the high seas, 400 miles northeast in the indian ocean, the 10th ship seized since october. 250 hostages had been taken, the flying off 14 nations, including the u.s.. trace: some businesses are offering veterans a big free thank you. let's go to channel live in washington, dc. >> lunchtime for a lot of folks, if you are listening and you are hungry veteran, arby's, appellees, outback, there are all kinds of freebies. just bring your military identification. want to work off the calories? add to a national park, no fee for veterans today. trace: shannon as live in washington, d.c. the national basketball
1:32 pm
association, having money problems? adam is live outside of the staples center. >> the lakers fill this place almost every night, the clippers do not. the nba says that half of their teams lost money last year. what are they doing about it? they are cutting halftime shows and staff, carrying less players, sending it -- sending out vigil christmas cards instead of paper. -- sending out digital christmas cards instead of paper. trace: thank you. martha: trying to stay one step ahead of h1n1, scientists are using cutting edge technology. they are looking for mutations. a process that could help to contain and treat the epidemic. claudia, h1n1, what is making
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them think it could mutate? >> the fact is that dead any flu bug tends to mutate over time, that is why there is a new vaccine every year. the big concern is when there are significant changes that could create a virus that is more resistant to drugs and potentially more deadly. martha: talk to me about the genetic status of the virus. how does it look? >> genetically h1n1 has not changed much since it first appeared in april. history shows that it can evolve over time. in 1918 a relatively mild strain of the spanish flu suddenly became deadly, killing millions in a global pandemic. that is why it is important for scientists to stay on top of these mutations. if they can catch outbreaks at
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the earliest stages, it could save thousands of lives. martha: a great point about the spanish flu, it killed so many people. if someone has a vaccine can they get it anyway? is that how they determine it is changing? >> they are studying this virus in many ways. every time you pass on the flu, it mutates just a little bit. scientists looking into all this are more like detectives. we visited a laboratory in san francisco where they are doing extraordinary work. they are looking at comparisons between the dna of samples of patients they got sick from the swine flu against the genetic makeup of every other known virus. this is incredibly high tech work that can lead scientists know if that sample is a known strains of influenza or perhaps
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something new that public health officials need to pay attention to. martha: thank you, claudia. trace: talking about cool pictures, this is coming from california outside of san diego. these are wing suit fliers. they wear those suits that look like they have wings in the arms. what they are trying to do now is break the world record. the old record is 25 people together. they are trying to get e people together. you cannot get a feel for what it is looking at these parachutes. what they do as they fly in suits, they look like bats. when they get close to the ground of their release the parachutes. they are in the process of breaking the record just outside of san diego. if they do it, we will let you know.
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martha:neat. from afghanistan to the economy, how do you think that the president is doing so far? pollsters asked, now we have your answers. the votes of -- the voice of the voters on the state of the union, next. >> my name is randall simmons. i would like to wish you all a happy veterans day from afghanistan.
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>> ♪ my country tis of thee sweet land of liberty
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martha: we remember them all and we think of them on veterans day, in that tribute and all of the attributes coming forward today on fox news channel. now we turn to the job hunt. finding jobs for america's veterans is our focus today. october 9 to the unemployment rate amongst people that had served in the military was 11.6%. the unemployment rate for veterans overall is over 8%. considering that 1.7 million men and women have served in iraq and afghanistan, many veterans are out there looking for work.
1:42 pm
although retailers and the u.s. army reserve reached a deal guaranteeing job interviews and a foot in the door being guaranteed for veterans returning to civilian life. jamie is live at info services with at this story. >> as the general that i spoke to that is involved with this program told me, this is a good news story. for whom better than the troops? when they come home they have families that cannot withstand the separation, facing wondering what will happen to their comrades that were left behind. as you said hello the economic picture is not ready for those in the reserves. so, they did something innovative. they partnered with 750 companies to offer the guarantee of an interview when the match is made through the army reserve website. go to for all of
1:43 pm
that information. they are offering jobs in both information scientists -- in both information and sciences. you love the military? >> i do. >> they deserve jobs? >> absolutely. >> what are you doing about it? >> here we have launched a group initiative led by our founders. we have looked at transferable job skills. one of the stories that was pertinent to me earlier today, it was posted in "the new york times" about men spending 20 years in the military with no job skills. what we do is read that out. >> you had a gun expert. maybe they could work for the department of defense, but if they want to work in the private sector, how do you help them to get that job?
1:44 pm
>> we are actually working through being able to identify the transferable job skills, matching them up and explaining it decline agencies. -- client agencies. >> you are also working to trained in new skills to fit the economy as it expands right now. if you go to there is a link, if you are a reservist for an employer, there is no better day to say thank- you to the troops by, when they come home, if you have a job opening, put it on the web site, get in touch with those military folks. 1300 veterans have received jobs through the web site this year alone. thank you for that. martha? thank you. martha: we thank him for doing what he is doing. sounds like a great place to
1:45 pm
start looking, they are some of america's best. thank you for bringing us that story. trace: brand new polls that are very telling, a majority of americans said they approve of the job that the president is doing but that as a country we are grumpy, as one pollster put it. take a look, the president's job approval rating is down. much of the concern covers a range of issues, including the economy and the war in afghanistan. larry, good to see you. >> nice to see you. trace: i want to get your opinion. the first one is the direction of the country. are you happy with the direction of the country is going? 56% said it we are going in the wrong direction. the next poll talks about the president's approval in handling the economy.
1:46 pm
look, his overall approval has gone up, but when it comes to handling the economy, people disapprove of more than last month. does it tell you that people are thinking that he is focusing too much on health care and other issues and not enough on the economy, larry? >> that is a part of it. fundamental to everything is the fact that the economy has simply not improved at all. believe me, this is the basis for many of the votes that were cast in the midterm elections in 2010. trace: moving on the health care, i found this very interesting. we were talking about democrats and republicans and whether or not they are in favor of health care, but it says that they cannot win support from republicans. what should they do? of 61%, the lion's share, say to go back and keep trying.
1:47 pm
does it show you that this is a relief a team effort and until we get it going we should keep trying? >> that is a part of it. do you know what i think is behind this? the american public wants republicans to put a brake on some of what democrats are doing, particularly on spending. that is what i lot of people are getting concerned about. it is not so much that they necessarily support democrats or republicans, they simply know that the parties have a very different objectives and goals and that if they mix them together they might come out about where the american public is. trace: we go down the entire pipeline but when you talk about the economy or wars or afghanistan or iraq, all the way through 2010, the numbers now say that republicans have the edge on who might win in 2010. this kind of mirrors what fox news opinion dynamics did over
1:48 pm
the couple of months. we look into our crystal ball a while back and had pretty much the same outcome. what does this say? is this not surprising to you that all? you have spoken many times of for about the fact that the party in power always loses seats in the midterm. no big surprise? >> since the summer i have been saying that republicans are going to gain possibly a substantial number of house seats. also in the senate. what is significant is that we have seen a drift over the last six months, obama completely owns the economy and the country's problems. there is no more reference to the bush administration. over the next year we will see that playing more and more into the midterm elections. remember, the key, while these
1:49 pm
numbers can change over the next year, they are critical right now because parties are recruiting candidates to run for the house of representatives and the 5753 legislative seats on the ballot next november. this helps the republicans to recruit strong candidates. if people are going to put everything on the line to run for public office, they want to think that they have a good chance to win. trace: interesting, larry. as always, thank you. martha: an entire museum devoted honoring the men and women to serve america, the veterans of the united states of the armed forces paid tribute to the soldiers that fought in world war ii. another artifact, a bicycle from the vietnam war. one special event is being hot and add this museum. even more incredible, wait until you tear off what their fathers did. . >> my name is staff sergeant
1:50 pm
warren. i want to say happy veterans day to my family and all of the families in the united states of america. veterans day means to me that all of the americans that served in any kind of war. . .
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. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxq
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trace: they defended america in world war ii. their fathers fought to unite america during the civil war. today veterans day one special group of vets being honored at a very special museum. the veterans memorial museum in branson, missouri, a tribute to all the brave men and women who served in the armed forces. here's a look inside their vietnam room packed with priceless artifacts from the conflict in southeast asia. check out the tribute to
1:54 pm
president george h.w. bush, depicting his time as a navy pilot during world war ii. you can see what the former commander in chief had to work with. this room is filled with world war ii weapons. just a bit less sophisticated than today's arsenal. look at this, a gas mask, for a horse from world war i. amazing stuff to see in branson, missouri. cindy merry is the director of that museum, 18,000 square feet. some 2,000 different things inside this museum. i have had people come out of there and say you walk in there and this thing will absolutely change your life. >> exactly. it's wonderful. it's almost a life changing experience the emotion that we see come interesting our veterans and for those who haven't experienced the brutalities of war when they come to the museum trace: i think that's the key. these not just for veterans. this is for everybody. we look what people have done
1:55 pm
for us. go ahead, cindy. >> i was going to say that's -- the owner when he built the museum, that was his intention was so that our younger generations would know what our veterans went through to keep our freedoms where we have them today. >> we were just showing pictures by the way, looked like a long bronze statue. that statue is -- a sculpture of 50 life size soldiers running on the beach. >> each one of those soldiers were modeled after an actual combat soldier from each state. from the vietnam war and world war ii. >> how's the turnout been today? >> it's wonderful. in fact, i heard you mention earlier about we were -- we have -- we are honoring vets all over branson today. we have had a parade. we have had closing, opening ceremonies. it's been great day. >> great veterans day. oliver north is there.
1:56 pm
we'll get to him. cindy, thank you so much. we'll get to carl north in a few minutes on veterans day. martha: today is their day, the day we honor their sacrifices. the day we think thank ue. on veterans day we salute our troops with a little help from the man who served on the once lines. a man who knows once a marine, always a marine. to other people,
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martha: welcome to live desk, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. >> troip troiptroip. top box live pictures from the white house. president obama just about 30 minutes away from meeting with his advisors, his war cabinet, to decide a strategy for afghanistan. right now four different approaches being considered at least one of which would mean a huge influx of troops. we will look at all of the options. and in the middle box honoring america's heroes this veterans day. we'll talk to lieutenant colonel oliver north about what this day means. and the bottom box there is breaking news come -- coming out of little rock, arkansas, that woman right there, ann presley, the television anchor who was raped and murder in 2008, now her accused killer, that has now gone to the jury. he is facing capital murder and the death penalty. prosecutors say he's the man who did it.
2:01 pm
the defense says there are too many holes in that case. if the verdict comes in, we'll bring it to you live right here on "the live desk." martha: now there are really puzzling details that are emerging in the fort hood shooting investigation and also a fair amount of finger pointing going around about who should have spoken up and to whom. we are learning more about a series of eames that went back and forth between the suspect who you see on the left and a radical muslim cleric and how investigators who intercepted those communications handled that information and the knowledge that those eames were going back and forth. our national correspondentant is live in washington. what did the government know about hasan's internet postings? >> good afternoon, martha. i spoke of the government investigator and he told me specifically the f.b.i. was not aware of hasan's writings on the
2:02 pm
internet until after the attack. and the bureau was not aware of reports which may have been available to the army that raised questions about hasan's state of mind and whether he was becoming radicalized. this investigator told me, quote, none of that was known to everyone. and i asked specifically whether the information about the eames was shared with the defense department, and the investigator told me that it was shared but he would not explain at what level it was shared. saying, we were honest. we passed it. it was shared with appropriate chains. to suggest or infer we sat on it or dropped it is absurd. now senior key fence department officials told fox no u.s. army or other defense department officials knew of hasan's eames with an extremist before the attacks. but they did not rule out the possibility that a lower level employee was aware and did not follow-up, martha. martha: the investigator also told you a little bit more, katherine, i understand about the substance of what was in those eames that hasan sent. >> that's correct.
2:03 pm
this government investigator who is familiar with the hasan eames characterizes them this way. he, hasan, appeared to be at a moral impasse facing a moral dilemma who was reaching out for advice from the radical iman. this official would not say whether the radical responded. it's suggested he did not because the iman gets thousandses -- thousands of queries are in any given year. martha: great reporting. thank you very much. trace: president obama honoring the nation's war dead at arling ton -- arlington national cemetery this morning. he placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns standing slentsly while taps was played. also taking time to honor all of our troops serving around the world today. >> they chose to serve the cause that is greater than self, many
2:04 pm
even after they knew they would be sent into harm's way. for the better part of a decade they have endured tour after tour in distant and difficult places, they have protected us from danger, and they have given others the opportunity for a better life. trace: coming up, lieutenant colonel oliver north, his perspective on this veterans day, minutes from now. you don't want to miss it. martha: military divers have found the body of the u.s. soldier who disappeared last week along with another soldier in western afghanistan. the pair troopers belong to the fourth brigade combat team, 82nd airborne division. they were trying to recover airdropped supplies from a river when they were swept away. afghan and international forces are still searching for the second of those missing soldiers. trace: somali pirates striking again in the indian ocean. seizing a cardioship bound for south africa. pirates are now holding 200 hostages, including a british
2:05 pm
couple. greg, despite this massive naval buildup and numerous arrests, the pirates keep on coming. >> exactly, trace. i'm told by our piracy insiders they are having no problem extending their reach. deep into the indian ocean. this latest, cargo ship hijacking, was about 1,000 miles away from the coast of somalia, 400 miles northeast of the seychelles islands. there are 25 ships of 14 countries patrolling the waters off of the east coast of somalia. what they are doing now, the pirates are going by them. it's a new technique i am told they are using they go from skip to skip. they have about a 200-mile range on each small boat. then they hit their target. few navys can stop them. the result since october, 10 ships hijacked and about 250 hossages being held. trace: what about the u.s. involvement in hunting down these pat rates, what's the latest -- pirates, what's the
2:06 pm
latest on that? >> interesting stuff. now the u.s. is taking to the skies. fox news can confirm that the u.s. military command operating in africa and off the shores of africa have stationed three reaper unmanned droughns surveillance aircraft in the island. they can go up in the sky. they can stay up there for about 18 hours. they can provide a live feed of the activities on the seas. they have already been doing that. they also, trace, can be armed if the decision is made to do that. right now we are told they are not. this crisis -- with the way this crisis is going it could happen. trace: greg, thank you. some of america's most popular businesses honoring our veterans with freebies. we'll tell you who they are and where they are. plus, as the nation reflects on the importance of this day, president obama is meeting with his senior advisors weighing how many more young men and women to
2:07 pm
send to the war in afghanistan. >> i'm danielle wallic, i'd like to say hello to my family. jackie and bob, general, and my husband, keith, i'm currently serving in basra, iraq. i love you guys. @=h
2:08 pm
2:09 pm
2:10 pm
martha: look at some of the boxes. these are some of the pictures coming into the newsroom right now. in the top box we have senate majority leader harry reid saying he hopes to bring health care reform package to the floor next week. he needs to gets the final word from the congressional budget office on the cost of the bill he submitted more than two weeks ago. they are busy counting those numbers. middle box, iran's president declaring that his country's readiness for international nuclear cooperation today. he made it clear that tehran would not halt its own atomic activities. in the bottom, after nearly 40 years of struggling for survival, good news, folks, for the brown pelican. it is now off the endangered species list. you were worried about them, weren't you? the official announcement of that is expected later this hour. good news for that. trace: it's all about remembering veterans who dedicated their lives to this country around our nation in cities like new york and small towns and in arlington,
2:11 pm
virginia. there are parades and solemn ceremonies honoring those who gave their lives. and the men and women who are serving around the world today. lieutenant colonel oliver north is the host of "war stories" in branson, missouri, where more that 50,000 veterans have been honored all week long. colonel north, great to see you. tell me what this day means to you. >> what it is is a celebration of those who have worn the uniform, soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen, marines. there are a lot gathered here in branson, trace. this is veteran city. the parade held today was just like america. this is of course the heartland of america and the reason why so many of them come and they come back year after year for reunions with their units is because this town opens their heart and their doors to them. it's a great celebration. trace: i was looking at the website, the branson homepage website, there are dozens, if not hundreds of activities all week long for veterans this week. my question was, how in the
2:12 pm
world -- i know branson bills itself as the entertainment capital. how did it become the veterans capital of america? >> tony orlando tells of a great story he about in 1993. he did a veterans yellow ribbon ceremony. he invited the bob hope the following year. 6,000 veterans showed up. it's simply grown dramatically since then. literally every enterprise in this great city opens its doors and opens their hearts to those who served in the uniform of the armed forces of the united states. i have met thousands of them out here, trace. all of them talking about the fact that this is a place that welcomes them. trace: branson by the way, their motto this week, maybe every week s. that branson does not forget. this truly is a remarkable celebration. and the people that come here, we talked about the museum in branson, the veterans memorial museum, and it really is a remarkable show of support for the military in branson. >> there is. this is a city that does not
2:13 pm
forget. a remarkable number of the people work here are veterans. so you see them literally at every turn in the hotels, shops, and of course all of the great stage operations that they have got going on here. veterans have come up to me and every one of them thanking, by the way, fox news, for their coverage of events today. trace: i would be remiss if i let you go without talking about the president is now going into his eighth war cabinet meeting in about 15 minutes from now. and he's soon expected to make a decision. four different options he's weighing on what to do going forward in afghanistan. i'd like to get your thoughts on troop levels and what you think would be the right call for winning that war. >> trace, let me give you what the thoughts are literally every veteran i have talked to. i did a big dinner last night, i have been to the parades, all these events, universally every single one of these veterans and their families, many of whom have sons and taughters in this war, say, give them what they need to win. if we are not in to win, get
2:14 pm
out. that's the bottom line from the veterans by the thousands gathered right here in branson. i share that sentiment. to me, doing a solution like was done in the wars in which i went off to as a young lieutenant for incrementally increase and escalate slowly but surely, it's a formula for disaster. i think most of the people here share that perception. trace: lieutenant colonel oliver north, this day a tribute to you and all the other veterans. thank you for joining us. martha: what a great setup for us because we have more for you about the way forward in afghanistan. you are looking at a live shot of the white house right now where moments from now president obama will be meeting again, this is going to be the eighth meeting, of the war council. weighing the strategy in afghanistan. looking at the way forward. we have been reporting on four options that are being sort of floated out there that the commander in chief may be considering right now. let's bring in our panel and talk about those a little bit. alease jordan is the former communications director at the national security council. she just got back from living in
2:15 pm
afghanistan. she's also a former advisor to the secretary of state, condoleezza rice. sam youngman is a white house reporter on the hill with a political take. welcome, you spent a lot of time in afghanistan. when you look at these four versions out there, one is mcchrystal's 40,000 troops. and the other once are incrementally lower than that and they weigh the options of counterinsurgency versus counterterrorism. a smaller troop presence something that john kerry talked about and vice president biden talked about. what do you think? >> we need to remember that general mckiernan is president obama's handpicked commander. if he's asking for 40,000 troops. that's a strong bet what we need to do. he certainly knows his stuff. he led the capture of zarqawi in iraq. he's been at the forefront of counter insurgency within the military. martha: when you look at the political ramifications here of this, president obama is taking
2:16 pm
his time as pointed out. this is the eighth meeting of the war council. how is that playing for him on capitol hill? what -- shouldn't he, as many people look at this, take all the time he needs when he's talking about putting american lives at risk? >> to a large extent the president is to a great deal boxed in by some of the leaks we have seen. general mcchrystal asking for 40,000 troops. anything less or any other kind of strategy will provide the public with a great deal of ammunition to say he's not listening to the commanders on the ground. i think the president is being very deliberate and takes his time and figuring out the right strategy because this could define his presidency. he's definitely being pushed in one very clear direction. martha: what do you think about timing? when you look at the tea leaves. he has the trip to asia coming up, thanksgiving after that. when do you think we'll hear a decision? >> it will be at least the beginning of december. it's going to take a while. martha: december? >> you look how he's going to asia tomorrow.
2:17 pm
he won't be -- president obama will not be back until next thursday. you have thanksgiving. i think that they are definitely taking plenty of time. four new options for president obama to weigh. general mcchrystal gave his strategy three months ago. martha: what were your observations. you spent a lot of time there over the last year getting back in september. when you read in the papers what's going on and you hear from your inside channels what's going on, what is your belief based on what you saw on the ground about what needs to be done? >> it's disconcerting. we have to remember at the end of the day the military is going to lead this effort. if the military presents this plan we need to go all in or all out. we don't need to put more men and women in harm's way if we are not fully behind this strategy. martha: what about the taliban? a story today that says al qaeda, there might be fewer than 100 al qaeda operatives right now in afghanistan. and that there are tens of thousands of members of the taliban. and that there's some loyalty shifting there in terms of the
2:18 pm
taliban leader in afghanistan versus the taliban leader in pakistan. all of that. is there exchange -- changing situation on the ground we have to be aware of? >> perceptions matter with the afghan people who ultimately if we are weighing a counter insurgency we are trying to win hearts and minds. if we aren't putting in the effort to prove to the afghan people we are going to be there and committed partners for the long term what, gives them incentive to go with us versus the taliban who they are going to be around and they are willing -- they proved it. >> sam, talk to me a little bit about this incentalism -- incrementalism we heard oliver north talking about. that will be the conservative comeback. we made this mayes take before. the president is saying, i sat down and talked to all my advisors, we are looking at the different options. we are trying to figure out what will work on the ground. >> i think that's one of the most important things that's being lost here. it's not a matter of making a decision, it's also a matter of explaining this decision.
2:19 pm
the president's going to have to be very clear to the american people, to the men and women in uniform why he's doing what he's doing, and he better -- i think that's why he's taking his time because he's got to be very sure about what he's doing before he starts explaining that to the american people. martha: the other thing is president obama at least has spoken so much about being -- having a multicountry effort. everything he does. traveling around the world talking to other countries. there is some speculation, it is speculation at this point, that that 35,000, 34,000 number that's shy of the 40,000, that he's going to call for other countries to make up that difference, to prove that he is calling for a group participation from nato and our other allies, do you think they are going to be there for us? >> i don't know. we heard a lot of lip service how president obama has additional credibility with the europeans, they certainly didn't step up last april at the nato summit. and also do we necessarily want nato to step up? we are creeding -- ceding half the country now. some of the nato partners are
2:20 pm
not stepping up to the plate. we have to be very careful what we ask for and how. martha: thank you very much. sam young in washington, thank you very much. trace: for every job that is available in this country, there are six people looking for work. if you're a among them, have we got news for you. one of the country's biggest lenders has put out the help wanted sign in a huge way. fox news on the job hunt next. boss: ah! thank goodness you're back. gecko: what's going on, sir? boss: we're slammed. tons of people interested in all the money they could be saving by switching to geico.. gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: boy, did we miss you last week. that temp wasn't working out at all. exec: took me all morning but i got those quarterly figures for ... you. (hissing noise, gulping) gecko: aw, he ate all my mints. anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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martha: back in the newsroom. check in with some of the new pictures we are looking at and stories coming in here. south korea is in the top box. putting its military on heightened alert after the recent naval slashes with the north. warships from both koreas
2:24 pm
exchanged gunfire at the disputed maritime border. that is a simmering situation. in the middle, of course you recognize secretary of state hillary clinton. she's attending the asia pacific economic cooperation forum. and president obama will be there soon as well. in the bottom we have flood watches and warnings for most of north carolina. remnants of hurricane ida are moving through that area dumping a ton of heavy rain on that whole section of the southeast portion of our country. trace: remember when they needed it? we have big news from one of the nation's leading home lenders, j.p. morgan chase is looking for help. we are talking lots of help. the company is set to hire 1,200 mortgage loan officers and explained its home loan business by at least 60%. new home loan officers will be hired in 23 states. very good news considering labor department says there are six people out there looking for every job that's available. julie is live in the newsroom
2:25 pm
with more. that's not all they are doing. >> oh, no. not only are they hiring 1,200 loan officers in 23 states which include california, florida, and texas and key cities such as new york and chicago, get this, they are actually also increasing lending. this is great news to small businesses to by up to $4 billion. and to support that, they are adding more than 300 staff positions in an effort to help revive the economy. to top it off j.p. morgan chase is going to lift a salary freeze they put in place last year. that salary freeze was applicable for employees making more than $60,000 a year. trace: the question is, if they are lending money, they are looking for loan officers, what does this say about home sales? >> buyers are finally starting to take advantage of the rock bottom sales out there. home sales are starting to see a pickup. the housing boom is what got us in this mess in the first place.
2:26 pm
trace: free up credit. does this mean more money will be available for future mortgages? >> as the nation's largest learned, j.p. morgan tells us they have repaid the full $25 billion in government tarp funds, there is not going to be major change in the number ever loans being handed out. they are going to continue to lend to qualified buyers. that's a good thing because it's hard to find lenders out there. for more information on open home lending positions at chase or how you can apply, go to their website. jp d. martha: we remember the near collapse of the financial industry last year and it sparked a lot of calls for reform of our financial systems. be careful what you ask for because now they are at it. congressional leaders are starting to push through different ideas how to regulate our financial industry and create a consumer protection agency. the measure is strongly supported by democrats but republicans are saying not so fast. we are going to tell you why
2:27 pm
they are saying that. and some cash strapped counties stepping up efforts to fine drivers. next time you see a red light or anything along those lines, i suggest as someone who has gotten a ticket recently, you pay attention. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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trace: back live in the newsroom. it's the bottom of the hour. we brand new information on a couple of top stories. the h1n1 vaccine we are struggling to get it as a country. what happens if the virus was to mutate and get worse? let's get live to claudia she's in san francisco today. >> h1n1 continues to spread a team much researchers here in san francisco is tracking its every move and every mutation. so far this virus hasn't changed dramatically, but most flu bugs do and major changes can create a new virus that's resistant to drugs. that's why scientists are staying on top of this one because if they can detect new strains early enough, it could save thousands of lives. trace: live in san francisco. it's veterans day. and some veterans are getting freebies. let's get to shannon, she's live in washington. shannon? >> trace, all across the country there are retailers and restaurants that want to say a
2:32 pm
special thank you to our veterans today. sam's club is giving away 25,000 canes at no cost to veterans. you don't even have to be a member of sam's club. and applebee's are giving away freebies. crispy cream their delicious doughnuts. many are for veterans and active duty military today. just show up with our military i.d. trace: live in d.c. brand new information at the bottom of the hour. martha: that's the least we can do. trace: i love bloomin onions. martha: we can do a lot. more than that, probably. left's move on to talk about something that's extremely important. the senate banking committee chairman, chris d.o.d., is proposing -- chris dodd s. proposing sweeping new legislation to prevent a credit crisis like the one we have been going through. here's the catch, it would essentially strip the federal reserve and fdic of their power to regulate banks and would create a brand new regulator called the consumer financial
2:33 pm
protection agencies. that would protect the interest of taxpayers they say. but republicans and banking industry groups are skeptical. to help sort this out and tell you what you really need to know is scott business' eric. >> what's up? more regulation. martha: we have a brand new agency is being proposed from the guys who--some people think should have been more on the money about fannie mae and freddie mac collapsing. that's chris dodd and barney frank. they were widely criticized for not knowing that something was wrong at those two big institutions. they say give us more power. >> fortunately fannie mae and freddie mac need $20 million more. between the two of them because of the things that chris dodd and barney frank did pushing loans out to people who couldn't afford loans isn't working. what happens? chris dodd today, yesterday said here's what we need. a new guy, one guy, the banking czar, the supercop of banks, to
2:34 pm
fix this problem. the bottom line is the only institution that even was working a bit was the fdic. the fdic, sheila bair, it's banks pay into the insurance fund with their own money. if they go belly up, the insurance fund is pat. it's not taxpayer money. martha: they she should do it. >> she's not that popular in the white house right now. i don't think her name's been thrown around. martha: interesting. it begs a question so many people fell on the job here. we have a mill regulatory agencies already. they are supposed to watch what's going on wall street. their job is to look for red flags. when you think about madoff there were several times when they went to visit bernie, they still didn't figure out what he was doing. it makes a lot of americans lose their faith in the fact that anybody could really catch one of these things before it goes down. >> my theory, s.e.c. they failed not because they had too little regulation, they failed because they weren't enforcing the
2:35 pm
regulation. incentivizing the s.e.c. investigators and say if you find $1 billion of corruption we'll give you -- martha: a bonus. >> you could get a piece of the action. martha: otherwise they are government workers. they get what they get. >> they work at the s.e.c. they work at the fdic, at the fed, then they go work on wall street where they really get paid. pay them to uncover corruption and fraud and they'll find a lot. martha: is anybody -- >> it's on my table. i keep talking about it. martha: when we do create this consumer protection financial agency, the other agencies won't need this? they won't go away? that's part of the way we'll cut bureaucracy in washington and pay for health care? >> how is this the consumer financial protection agency has nothing to do with a consumer. it's just another way they are couching a czar. martha: take power away from these guys. >> you know who is the most concerned about this? small banks. they are worried the big banks
2:36 pm
will have their lobbyists out there, people in the pocket of whoever this regulatory czar is, they are going to be taking care of. and the small banks, literally, hundreds maybe thousands -- martha: if people are disgusted with what the s.e.c. didn't do and what congress didn't do about catching this the first time, what can they do? >> if chris dodd is up four election, you may not like this election. you may be out of office if you push this further. barney frank isn't too keen on this idea. martha: that's one of the problems here. people feel when they hear this story, i want to do this story today because i feel it's really important people understand when these regulations get changed, it doesn't just affect folks on wall street. it affects whether or not your investments are safe. there's a big power grab going on. >> the problem is they are couching it, consumer protection, consumer financial protection aketcy. it sounds like they are working for you. the guy on main street. the reality is the big institutions are the ones who are going to be most taken care of if this goes through. it's one guy.
2:37 pm
appointed by the president. this is a presidential appointment. he's going to oversee a board of fdic, fed, and other bankers and the big banks will be well represented in that group. unfortunately the small bank may be the ones who are shortchanged and the people who have loans with small banks or deposits with small banks. the least taken care of. martha: if you truly want consumer protection, you need to pay very close attention. >> you don't want this guy. martha: ok. thank you. good to see you. thanks for coming by. trace. trace: heavy rains and floods up and down the east coast. record downpours last night inundating entire neighborhoods in and around the atlanta area. we are talking about the remnants from hurricane that turned into tropical storm that turned into tropical depression ida. over four inches in many places. look at that. eclipsing an old record for total rainfall in one day. cobb county, georgia, seeing some of the worst of it. a flash flood warning remains in
2:38 pm
effect for much of north and central georgia. thankfully forecasters expect dryer weather to move in today. martha. martha: all right. thank you, trace. as we observe veterans day for the many brave men and women in uniform, going off to war is only half the battle. straight ahead we are going to look at an amazing new program that will help veterans who are struggling to readjust to their civilian life. >> my name is chief warrant officer, in basra, iraq. i'd like to say hello to my wife, my son at penn state, and my co-workers in philadelphia. go, eagles. ( whooshing ) announcer: you could buy 300 bottles of water.
2:39 pm
or just one brita filter. ( drop plinks ) brita-- better for the environment and your wallet.
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>> foreall who have served and continue to serve these yuns, we salute you. trace: for many soldiers returning home from combat and readjusting to civilian life is not easy. posttraumatic stress disorder,
2:42 pm
drug and alcohol addiction affecting many veterans. a former marine and recovering alcoholic is spearheading a new way to support america's heroes. douglas kennedy is live with us here in the newsroom. what exactly is this new initiative? >> it's being used to treat struggling vets who are coming home. most of these guys spend years fighting the taliban then they come home and end up fighting themselves. now, one man says he has the answer to their problems. this is his story. when derek smith returned from operation iraqi freedom two years ago, his life fell apart. flashbacks to his combat experience, and he started drinking and using drugs to cope. you were suffering from both drug addiction and posttraumatic stress disorder at the same time. describe that. >> they both go hand in hand for
2:43 pm
me. when i got back from iraq, like i didn't really know how to express my feelings, what i was going through. kind of felt out of place. >> now smith is getting help in a facility that treats both his substance abuse and ptsd. it's a two-pronged approach being pushed by this man. you believe it's essential to treat both problems at the same time. tell me why. >> that's right, douglas. the evidence shows that for the best effect you've got to treat ptsd and drug and alcohol addiction at the same time concurrently. >> jim abernathy runs abernathy mcgregor, one of the most successful public relations firms in new york. he's now devoting much of his time and money to opening treatment certainties for troubled vets. a program called the veterans healing initiative. >> it is essentially a fundraising operation. what we are doing simply is raising money to fund
2:44 pm
institutions, rehabs, treatment centers that are unique in treating posttraumatic stress disorder and drug and alcohol abuse. >> issues abernathy is familiar with from personal experience, having served in the marines from 1959 to 1965. he's also a recovering alcoholic himself. and is now clean and sober for more than 30 years. this is really your way of giving back, i imagine. >> it is. i am so grateful to the program that changed my life around. i will do whatever i can to make it available to other people. >> making it available and at the same time giving struggling vets a path to self-acceptance. acceptance abernathy says, trace, comes directly from his own experience, strength, and hope. trace: if they are on drugs and alcohol you don't want to use drugs and alcohol to get them off. >> what's amazing about this program is they are not going
2:45 pm
directly to medication with the vets. they really want them to experience their inner life and walk them through it so that they own themselves in the end. trace: douglas kennedy, great stuff. thank you. martha: thank you. this is the part of the show where we talk -- there's shepherd smith. tells us what's coming up on "studio b." >> i went to the parade today. martha: how was it it? >> it was really awesome. it was on fifth avenue. it goes from 23rd street which is downtown manhattan, around the flat iron building if you have seen it, and it goes all the way up to midtown where we are, the 60's. 20-something thousand participants and 3/4 of a million people along the sides. bands playing. martha: that's great. shepard: we made a video. it's not up there yet. martha: he's doing that extra stuff.
2:46 pm
shepard: jessica is working on it. we have a poll today. what are you doing to mark veterans day? and then you can weigh in and watch the video which it isn't up there yet. there's a lot of new videos. a few people have voted. we have wires down at the bottom. goofy stuff about jonathan and me. and something from ole miss. martha: only 1% said they were shopping for veterans day. shepard: could you add to that total. martha: freebies, if you're a veteran you can get free stuff. all over new york city basically for free. which i think is -- that's the very least we could do, right? shepard: i'm guessing outbacks could be busy today. that bloomin onion, may not be great on the fat count. who cares. martha: worth it. shepard: i saw a lot of veterans today. especially army vets talking about fort hood and the investigation that's going on there. i mean people are -- they have a lot of questions. now we are talking about connections to people who were
2:47 pm
being tracked by the f.b.i. we have sot experts coming on studio b today to talk about that. you heard about this new pirate, right? pirates got them another one. so they have 12 ships now. we are going to get into that. this mess in south korea. martha: getting more and more aggressive. they keep getting away with it. everybody keeps paying them. it seems like a good way to make a living. shepard: i think we need a police force out there. to cover those hundreds of thousands of square nautical miles. welcome back to your proper time slot. martha: it's good to be back. thanks. we'll see you later. trace. trace: if you like basketball, you know nothing like taking the family to see the knicks, celtics, lakers, sixers, lately it's tough. luring fans to the arena. basketball blues. and what the nba is doing about it. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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martha: pictures we are watching in the newsroom. in the top box on the screen, president obama placing a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. and paying tribute to our veterans today. and take a look at the middle box, the u.s. is getting more doses of h1n1 flu vaccine. the c.d.c. says right now there are more than 40 million doses out there. and bottom box, the israeli military releasing documents and photos they say prove that iran was behind the massive arm shipment intercepted last week. the military showing off the manny fest which originated in iran. another document they have show the contnts were handled by the islamic republic of iran's shipping lines. both iran and hezbollah have been denying those claims. trace: while the recession taking a toll on just about every business, even pro sports, so now now some nba teams are taking steps to tighten their belts while keeping fans happy.
2:52 pm
i'm looking at the average salary. like $5 million a player in the nba. now they are trying poor mouth. how bad is it? >> some teams are having problems putting people in seats. my beloved sacramento teams are one of them. having trouble getting the crowds they used to get. according to the commissioner, the nba was down last year. morer than half the teams lost money. they expect about a 5% drop in revenue. we talked to fox sports matt money smith, that's the way things are going in the nba right now. >> you need to sell tickets, you need to be supportive in your community, i say over half of the franchises right now do not have the support they need in the nba. >> trace, if you follow the blogs, go online, look at the fan sites this is the topic not only for nba fans but for sports fans in general. talking about some of the economic troubles.
2:53 pm
some of these small market teams are having specifically. trace: what are some of the teams doing to cut back? >> there are all sorts ever things, cutting halftime shows. they'll pay up to $15,000 for some acts to come in and play. some of the teams are having some of the local peewee teams play for free. they are putting ticket packages together. they are sending out all sorts of different ways to get people in. encouraging you for example not to send out christmas cards anymore, but actually email cards to save $40,000. one team's doing that. we talked to fans about some of these cutbacks and they were mixed about them. take a listen. >> i'm very happy they are cutting the prices. it makes me come more often. i used to come every season. >> halftime shows are boring. >> it makes me want to get some food now. na. time to get a pretzel. >> nba rosters are are 15 players.
2:54 pm
what caught us was some teams are only carrying 13 or 14, saving some of those salaries you talk about, in some case as couple million bucks by carrying a player or two less. trace: live for us in los angeles. adam, thank you. martha: one school's plan to raise money for the school has now come to an abrupt halt. you won't believe what teachers were selling to kids and why some folks are up in arms about it. that's next. >> my name is staff sergeant mike from lang caster, pennsylvania. i'm deployed in basra, iraq. i'd like to say hello to my wife, mom, and dad. .
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2:58 pm
trace: a middle school fund-raiser is not happening any more because there are critics who say what were they thinking? to raise money in goldsboro, north carolina they started selling test scores. enough to lift a b to an a or make a failing grade a passing grade. the principal said it didn't significantly impact grades but the department of education were not too happen. they said paying for grades just sends the long lesson. martha: didn't hurt me. bake sales, cookies, grades. trace: i wonder how much money they made. martha: a lot, i'm guessing.
2:59 pm
trace: thanks for watching. we will be back tomorrow. martha: "studio b" start right now. shepard: the suspect in the fort hood massacre has been on somebody's radar before the shooting but if there was any information that could have prevented the can i ikilling, it used. part of our top story in 40 seconds. box number one graphic new details in the murder of a popular news woman. the jury has learned what happened to ann presley the night she died and they have to decide now what will happen to the man accused of beating her it to death. box number two, pirates strike again grabbing more than 20 hostages. this time they get their hands on something that could be even more dangerous than the guns they take out to sea. box number three, on this veterans day we look at a program that sends wounded troops back to the battle tpaoerpld and lets them


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